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Nicole Kidman, Daniel Radcliffe, & More Celebrities Who Have Gotten Fully Nude on Stage

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Now we know many celebrities have done Broadway and some even got their start in it. But there are more actors than you think that went nude on stage — like, fully nude. Seriously, quite a few actors have decided to be super daring and strip down for the theater over the years. And while it’s super cool of these actors to have gone outside their comfort zone and pushed the envelope for a brilliant role, it’s not cool at all for audiences to sneak unplanned photographs of those actors at their most vulnerable and leak them to the outside world, as recently happened to Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams.

Williams recently made his Broadway debut for the show Take Me Out, which includes a fully naked moment. One audience member not only took a photo of the boundary-pushing scene, but also leaked that photo to the entire internet —  which, in case you needed a reminder, is even more not okay!) Sadly, Williams isn’t the only star to have this happen to them over the years, and he’s also far from the first to strip down on stage — so maybe everyone could just calm down a little bit and stop invading his privacy?

Despite a few bad eggs, many people respect the theater and the nude actors on stage. Some actors go full-frontal and others do a quick strip down, but either way, it’s something no one forgets seeing — and something that should be an in-the-moment experience only. Read on for all the stars who have taken the brave step of stripping down on stage below.

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