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9 Celebrity Women Who Are Taller Than Their Partners

Over the course of the last several years, we’ve seen women in Hollywood making huge strides, and achieving just as much as their male counterparts. When it comes to famous couples, especially, the playing field is really starting to even out. We’re seeing couples where women have a higher net worth than their spouses and partners, accrue more awards and fame, and now we’re seeing couples where height isn’t as big of a deal as it used to be.

Listen, we know it’s a small accomplishment (honestly, just a few inches) but we think it’s still worth celebrating! There’s always been a certain expectation, subtle or not, that couples should look a certain way — and that extends to height. But in these famous couplings, that’s not a big deal whatsoever. In fact, these romantic duos prove that a matter of a few inches in height isn’t a big deal whatsoever. And these women still rock a heel on the red carpet to boot. (Boot? Heel? Whatever.)

Let’s take Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas as a prime example. The Game of Thrones alum and her Jo. Bros. spouse have a height difference of two inches. It might not seem like a lot, but when Turner dons a pair of heels, she stands quite a few inches taller than Jonas. Does it bother him? Absolutely not! These two are always beaming on the red carpet, proving that antiquated assumption that women ought to be the shorter of the two in a couple is just as out-of-date and unnecessary as you’d imagine. Let’s celebrate a few more women who are taller than their male spouses and partners!

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