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5 Things Elon Musk Could Do With $44B That Might Actually Make Him Someone to Admire


On Monday, the Twitter board announced that they accepted Elon Musk’s bid to buy the platform for an astronomical $44 billion, and the news sent shockwaves through the social media community. Promising to make the platform “better than ever” with improvements like new features, increasing trust and getting rid of those annoying spam bots, the Tesla entrepreneur thinks his investment in the company is well spent.

But what if he took his fortune and did something else with it? There are plenty of causes Musk could take up in the U.S. that would not only benefit Americans for decades to come but would also make him a less controversial human being. Buying Twitter feels like a complete vanity project for the 50-year-old businessman, so it’s sometimes baffling that billionaires prefer to put their money into a corporation that has caused many online fights and mental health stress. Why not do something that benefits society at large and make him look like a hero at the same time?

We know it comes down to money and Musk’s potential to earn an even larger future from Twitter, but the money he invested could have been better spent elsewhere. Here are a few solid suggestions that would have a meaningful impact and even better headlines for the billionaire.

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