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A Brief History of Kate Hudson & Goldie Hawn’s Mother-Daughter Relationship

There’s nothing quite as magical and heartwarming as a strong mother-daughter relationship. We’ve seen them in real life, in movies, and on red carpets alike, fawning over every duo we see. But throughout the decades, we’ve truly fallen in love with Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn’s strong and honest bond with one another.

Hawn has two children with ex-husband Bill Hudson named Oliver, 45, and Kate, 43 (along with a son with boyfriend Kurt Russell named Wyatt Russell, 35!) While she is close to all of her children, there’s something extra special about her relationship with Kate.

From touching Instagram tribute posts to dual interviews where they laugh for minutes on end, it’s nearly impossible to not love the two. Ever since Kate’s career skyrocketed in the early 2000s, it’s rare to not see the two laughing and acting silly together. Throughout the years, they’ve credited each other as their cheerleaders, confidantes, and even best friends (Yes, our hearts are melting too!).

Here’s the kicker: it’s almost always been that way. Since Kate was a teenager, they quickly realized the strong bond they had with one another. From honest advice to frank sex talks, their relationship is one of the most touching we’ve seen in Hollywood.

Check out their sweet mother-daughter bond through the years in the photos below!


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