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Brooke Shields Shares ‘Proud Moment’ With 15-Year-Old Daughter Grier Henchy For Victoria’s Secret Mother’s Day Campaign

Victoria’s Secret has a new Mother’s Day campaign launching on April 19 — and there are a lot of familiar faces, including Brooke Shields, Chanel Iman and Abby Champion. But this isn’t an ordinary let’s-sell-some-cute-pajamas advertisement — it’s emotional.

Shields sheds as few tears as she shared in the promotional video about the joys and the pain of motherhood. “I don’t think that I bargained to feel the pain of loving this much,” she explained. “You think, ‘Oh, I’m going to love my babies.’ Or ‘Oh, they’re going to mean the world to me.’ But all of sudden it’s… did I really want to feel the extent of this love? Because it hurts all of the time.” The supermodel isn’t there alone, though, she shares the spotlight with 15-year-old daughter Grier Henchy, which she calls a “proud moment” for her as a mom.

“It was very emotional, and it was as if I was watching my baby girl grow up right in front of my eyes,” she said to InStyle. “It was truly a proud moment to be able to model alongside my daughter for such a meaningful campaign.” Shields loves passing on the modeling torch to her youngest daughter because “she has a really good head on her shoulders.” See the stunning photos of Shields, Iman and Champion, along with other famous faces celebrating motherhood in the most beautiful way.

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