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7 Celebrity Couples Who Filed For Divorce More Than Once

People date, people break up — that’s how it goes. But with some of our favorite celebrity couples over the years, there are a few more steps: They date, break up, date again, and break up again, adding in a wedding or two somewhere in the mix. Sometimes, the last thing you remember hearing about a couple is that they’re divorcing, and a few years later; they’re kissing on the red carpet. From Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus to Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, we’re taking a look back at celebrity couples who have had such rocky ups and downs that they’ve had to file for divorce not just once, but several times over the course of their relationship.

The Cyruses may be the prime example of this, having now filed for divorce three times over their nearly 30 years of marriage to one another. On April 11, 2022, People and other sources confirmed that Tish had filed for “irreconcilable” differences the previous week, and the outlet further reported they haven’t been living together for over two years.

While Tish and Billy Ray may be the most prolific in their divorce filings, they’re far from the only famous couple whose divorce didn’t stick the first time.  From the Cyruses to legendary Old Hollywood couples, check out the celebrity couples who’ve filed for divorce from one another multiple times below.

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