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21 Best, Most Over-the-Top Movie Weddings of All Time

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When you think of extravagant weddings, you may be picturing a big celebrity event or even a dramatic ceremony from one of your friends. Between floral arrangements worth thousands and elaborate designer gowns, who doesn’t love a good, lavish wedding? But it’s even better when you see it on the big screen, and there’s no shortage of big, beautiful wedding scenes when it comes to our favorite movies.

Chances are that your favorite movie may have a wedding scene too (especially if your favorite movies are classic rom-coms from the 2000s). But not all wedding scenes are made equal. Yes, many are tear-jerking, but only a few really bring the over-the-top luxury that makes you swoon — and also wonder how much it all cost.

So, what makes for the perfect, over-the-top movie wedding scene? A swanky venue and to-die-for dress help, but it really has to have that IT factor: a runaway bride, a castle as a venue, crazy planning, etc.

From rom-com favorites like 27 Dresses to Father of the Bride, to scarier picks like Melancholia and Ready or Not, grand wedding scenes can transcend into any genre. In any genre, we’ll be fawning over the details (and adding them to our Pinterest boards).

Check out the best, over-the-top weddings in your favorite movies below.

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