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The Top 12 Most Shocking Oscars Moments We’ve Ever Seen — Yes, Including the Slap


With the biggest night of the year in the entertainment world, there are bound to be some things you wouldn’t expect. The Oscars are a truly magical night, a night full of mystifying dresses and speeches we won’t soon forget. But with the good times come the crazy times, also known as the ones we bring up for years to come. During this past year, for example, it seemed like we never stopped talking about Chris Rock and Will Smith’s slapping incident. But 2022 wasn’t the only year the Oscars had an unexpected event happen, with some incidents happening back in the late 1960s.

So in case you missed it, during the 2022 Oscars, an altercation erupted between Smith and Rock. Smith slapped Rock square in the face, leaving everyone at the venue and watching live to be both stunned and confused. Before the slap, our mouths were agape when the 2017 Best Picture snafu occurred — where it came to light that Moonlight actually won instead of La La Land. 

But the most shocking moments weren’t all bad. In fact, many shocking occurrences were shocking precisely because they were important, history-making wins — one of which includes the youngest actor to ever win an Oscar back in the 1970s.

Check out all the most shocking Oscar moments in history below as we prepare for Sunday’s big night!

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