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Meet Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supportive Family! See Her Daughters & More at Confirmation Hearings

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson stepped into her Supreme Court confirmation hearing on Monday looking confident and absolutely joyous at the thought that she’s breaking glass ceilings for Black women working in the judicial system. She didn’t take the historic moment lightly and she knew she didn’t get to this momentous place alone — she had her family by her side.

In her opening statement, she took the time to acknowledge her loved ones who helped get her to this stage of unbelievable success. Her parents, Johnny and Ellery Brown, got a mention for making her believe that her “path was clearer” after they faced so many racial barriers themselves. And her husband, Dr. Patrick Jackson, who hasn’t left her side in this week’s proceedings, got emotional when he heard his wife’s tribute to him. “I have no doubt that, without him by my side from the very beginning of this incredible professional journey, none of this would have been possible,” she shared.

But the moment that made her most proud was introducing her two daughters, Talia, 21, and Leila, 17, who sat behind their mom on the first day of the hearing. “Girls, I know it has not been easy as I have tried to navigate the challenges of juggling my career and motherhood,” she said lovingly. “And I fully admit that I did not always get the balance right. But I hope that you have seen that with hard work, determination, and love, it can be done.”

Meet Ketanji’s extended family and see how they are supporting her every step of the way as she strides into the U.S. history books, and hopefully, the Supreme Court.

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