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25 Most Memorable PDA Moments at the Oscars Over the Years

When the Oscars roll around, we see poignant speeches, glittering gowns, and, of course, our favorite celebrity couples smiling on the red carpet. Some couples keep it low-key, taking photos here and there, while others don’t care who’s watching. Some people aren’t afraid of a little public display of affection, or PDA, and the Oscars are no different.

PDA can range from sweet, romantic glances at one another while cozying up to full-on passionate making out in front of everyone. Everyone has their personal preference! From power couples like Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban to some affectionate bromance moments, the Oscars truly are a magical night for relationships as well, letting stars show the people they love how excited they are.

That being said, sometimes some rather disturbing moments of PDA happen. We all remember the moment between Angelina Jolie and her brother — along with Adrien Brody forcing himself on Halle Berry.

Some hate PDA, some think it’s adorable, but either way — people are always watching when it happens. Every moment of the Oscars is remembered in history, including PDA moments. From new marital bliss to subtle glances, there are a lot more PDA moments than you’d expect.

Check out the biggest PDA moments at the Oscars over the years below.

A version of this was originally published on March 18. 

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