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24 Times Celebrities Spoke Out About Political Causes During Awards Shows

Hollywood award shows typically highlight those with outstanding achievements in entertainment — and their glittering designer gowns on the red carpet. But some celebrity attendees, presenters, and honorees take it as an opportunity to use their amplified voices to bring attention to different political and social issues, as we saw at this year’s SAG Awards amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine and as we’ve seen at countless awards shows in years past.

From discussing environmental issues to taking up social justice causes, some celebrities make sure that when all eyes are on them, they’re helping other voices be heard. At the 2022 Screen Actor’s Guild Awards on Feb. 27, many actors and crew members showed their solidarity with Ukraine amidst the ongoing war. Some wore little accessories of the Ukrainian flag, some spoke about it in their speeches, and just a day before, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also highlighted Ukraine and racial injustice during their speech at the NAACP Awards.

We’ve seen celebrities stand up to injustice on the red carpet with their fashion choices and their well-chosen words, and even more have taken their moments accepting awards to drive their points home. We love it when celebrities use their platform to genuinely amplify unheard or disadvantaged voices, and we’re hoping to see a lot more of it this Oscars season.

From the Smiths taking a stand against white-washing awards shows to speeches that got actors banned, we’ve seen a lot from our favorite celebrities — read on for the biggest political statements by celebrities at awards shows over the years.

Check out which celebrities got political at awards shows below!

A version of this article was originally published in February 2022.

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