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20 Actresses Who Were Way Too Young to Be Cast in These Mom Roles

Hollywood casting is truly a hit-or-miss situation. Sometimes the casting is so perfect that you couldn’t picture a better ensemble. Then, other times, you’re questioning how no one said anything to stop it from happening. Way more often than it should, Hollywood keeps casting women who are way too young to play adult celebrities’ moms.

We don’t know why, but Hollywood seems to have a mental block when properly casting mothers. At first glance, many seem fine — until you see the actor’s ages. You’d think there would be a sizable difference between the actors, but some are as little as 10 months. From 10 months to 12 years older, we don’t understand why Hollywood has a problem casting moms properly.

And on top of that, sometimes the actresses who play the moms are younger than their on-screen children. We have questions (and you probably do too).

With the latest news of Emmy Rossum being cast as Tom Holland’s mother, despite only being 10 years older, everyone wants to know: “Why does Hollywood not know how to cast moms?” From the X-Files to Alexander, there’s a lot more miscasting than you think.

Check out these actresses who were way too young to be cast in these mother roles below.

A version of this article was originally published on Feb 2022. 

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