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Who Is Anna Delvey? The True Story of the Real-Life Scammer Behind Netflix’s Inventing Anna

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Many people dream about the NYC socialite lifestyle: the riches, glamour, A-list parties — but infamous faux heiress Anna Delvey took it a bit overboard on her quest for the high life. Chances are you’ve been anxiously waiting for Netflix’s new original series Inventing Anna — created by queen of juicy TV Shonda Rhimes starring Ozark’s Julia Garner — to hit our screens on Feb 11th. But did you know the TV series is based on an even crazier real-life story of glamour and scamming?

Anna Delvey, whose real name is Anna Sorokin, came from the small Russian village of Domodedovo before she got caught up in the glitz and glam of the elite world, starting with a Paris internship at the magazine Purple. Instead of working hard and climbing her way to the stop, she skipped a few steps. The phrase “Fake it until you make it” was truly her motto as she convinced everyone she knew that she was a millionaire heiress, about to be the next big thing in the socialite world, sharing her wealth with anyone who listened.

The only problem? She truly didn’t have a dime to her name and got her “wealth” from cheating both banks and people out of thousands of dollars. And it took years for anyone to catch on. If you want to do your homework before the Netflix series drops, let’s look back at the true story of Anna Delvey and her years of scamming.

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