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15 Unforgettable Olympic Women’s Figure-Skating Moments Over the Years

Over the years, women’s figure skating has delivered a lot of beauty on the ice — and of course, a lot of drama. As the most popular winter Olympic sport, there’s no doubt as to why people tune in: the stories off the ice are as good as the ones on the ice. The sport’s worst moment in history, with the Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding knee whack playing out at the 1994 Winter Olympics, also brought about the most successful decade for figure skating.

But there are also incredible triumphs, including Carol Heiss’ fulfilling a promise to her late mother, or Sarah Hughes’ unexpected win at the 2002 Olympics. But most figure skating fans will probably remember Michelle Kwan’s attempts at winning an Olympic gold medal – everyone wanted it for her, but it eluded her throughout her career. Yet she’s still the most-decorated skater in the history of the sport and Kwan has the best attitude about it. “It’s not so bad getting silver and bronze and winning five world titles,” she told The Cut. “There’s just one thing that’s missing in the repertoire. You can’t always be perfect.”

The women have delivered some of the greatest moments on the ice and these Olympic memories won’t soon be forgotten. Grab a tissue and get ready for the figure skating stories that still get us emotional years later.

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