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10 Things Oprah Winfrey Has Said About Not Getting Married & Not Having Kids

Oprah Winfrey has accomplished so much in her life, and she has so much more to give. The mogul has several impressive titles, including venerated actress, talk show host, journalist, spokeswoman, and philanthropist — and while she has a never-ending list of accomplishments, that hasn’t spared her from scrutiny over her private life and relationships: specifically, her choice not to get married to longtime partner Stedman Graham and her choice not to have kids.

As soon as Oprah’s star began to rise in the late ‘80s, the public fascination with her love life grew right along with it. And Oprah being Oprah, she’s provided some clear and thoughtful answers to her fans over the years about why she’s made the personal choices that she has, and why she and Graham have made the decisions they have around their relationship.

Oprah has long been known as a career woman, but we know that she encapsulates so much more than just her work — just ask longtime BFF Gayle King, who will happily volunteer the many ways Oprah has enriched her life. By being a beloved public figure who’s open about her choices not to pursue the expected path for women — marriage and kids — Oprah has helped demystify and destigmatize that path, and her answers over the years have been as illuminating as they are relatable for those curious about her path.

Of all the things Oprah is known for, speaking her mind and being honest are among her greatest qualities (and the woman has MANY great qualities). So let’s celebrate Oprah and the choices she’s made in her life by looking back at her own words. Check out some of Oprah’s best quotes on not getting married and not having kids below!

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