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14 Celebrities Who Have Opened Up About Dating After Divorce

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No, celebs are not just like us — they live drastically different lives and we don’t need a deep explainer to prove it. It’s only in a few select ways that famous people’s lives resemble our own, and one of those ways is that they’re just as vulnerable to heartbreak as we are. When we see that a long celebrity relationship has ended or that a celebrity marriage has ended in divorce, many of us know exactly the pain those stars must be going through. And when they come out on the other side of those painful breakups, we have to admit we’re more curious than ever how that chapter will have changed their minds on what to do next. From Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry to Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, and more, many celebrities have spoken out about their changed mindset when re-entering the dating scene after divorce, and we love what they’ve had to say.

We’ve seen plenty of both surprising celeb couples and shocking breakups over the years. And while some prefer to keep their personal lives as private as possible (who could blame them), others are comfortable divulging how they’ve re-entered the dating world. What many of these stars have in common is a new appreciation for focusing on themselves after going through divorce — and that they’re way, way less willing to settle for less.

Of course, each celeb’s situation influences what’s important to them: stars like Berry and Drew Barrymore have talked about the specific challenges of dating while having young kids, while stars like Demi Moore and Jennifer Lopez have talked about the importance of healing their relationships with themselves before dating anyone else.

These takes are refreshing, honest, and give us a totally new look at how some of the biggest stars navigate their personal lives in the public eye — read on for what each person had to say.

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