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20 TV Shows About Teen Girls That Defined a Generation

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For the past few years, it’s felt like TV shows about teenagers — comedic, dramatic, and a bit of both — have swelled in popularity. Nowadays, you really can’t avoid being confronted with the unique experiences and sometimes universal truths that come out of fictitious depictions of those pivotal years. It got us thinking about some of our favorite shows that targeted one specific audience: teen girls. While this sub-genre of a sub-genre might be a bit niche to some, there really have been several series that artfully tackled teen girlhood in a way that’s matured over the years.

When we look back at some of the most dominant shows that put the focus on teen girls, we really must start with My So-Called Life. The angsty series, starring Claire Danes in her first Emmy Award-nominated role, followed Angela Chase through high school as she confronted boys, parents, schoolwork, and more. Looking back now, My So-Called Life feels like it took a cautious approach compared to current fare like Yellowjackets — a show that tackles teen soccer players surviving a plane crash for 19 months out in the woods and has a decidedly darker take on teen girls.

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But if the jump in mature content gives us any indication, these shows really speak to how pivotal those teen years can be for girls. There are varying pressures girls experience from the time they turn 13 until they enter their 20s. But through it all, we’re just glad there are generations of teen girls who will get to benefit from these shows and more to come soon.

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See some of our favorite shows about teen girls that defined a generation — or are doing so right now — like Gossip Girl, Euphoria, and more, plus how to watch right now.

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