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29 Celebrities Who Share a Famous Ex


When you really think about it, Hollywood is kind of like an office building or high school. Everyone knows someone with whom you’re either friends or acquaintances, somebody knows someone who has the details on another person’s drama, and dating can be just a little bit thorny. For all the stars in the proverbial celestial sky of Hollywood, there have been several celebs who’ve dated or married the same person — and subsequently share that ex in common, like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston (who both dated Brad Pitt) or Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux (who both dated Jennifer Aniston).

Now, this isn’t a new phenomenon by any means. If you just look back at the classic period in Hollywood, so many famous faces were either married or linked to each other for a time — after all, it usually drummed up some good publicity for the latest picture at your local nickelodeon. These days, Hollywood romances are fodder for our amusement, and we’re always fascinated to be reminded that this person was married to that star before these two even divorced. You get the picture.

Some of our favorite stories of stars who dated the same person are those in which a beautiful friendship bloomed out of their shared connection: Like Dakota Johnson and Gwyneth Paltrow bonding once Johnson began dating Paltrow’s ex Chris Martin or the loving bromance between Lisa Bonet’s ex Lenny Kravitz and current partner Jason Momoa. And don’t even get us started on our musings about what the relationship between Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez must be like…read on for all the stars who have dated the same celeb below! 

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