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13 Celebrity Divorces That Took Years to Get Finalized


Very few people who have been through a divorce would call the process “easy,” but when it comes to celebrity divorces, there are even more complicating factors that can draw out proceedings way longer than you’d hope. Not only do celebrity couples have to spend considerable time dividing up their respective fortunes, but they have to contend with the media watching their every move throughout the separation process, and — in recent years — potentially even sitting in on divorce hearings via live stream.

So, perhaps it shouldn’t have been as shocking as it was in Dec 2021 when the news broke that Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger had just finally finalized their divorce, 10 years after initially filing. But even with all the hurdles Hollywood stars face, we still find ourselves shocked at just how long some of their divorces have taken over the years.

If you’re lucky, a divorce could be wrapped up in as quickly as a few months — but in the cases of these celebrity couples, that timeline dragged on much, much longer. From Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to certain Kardashians, there are a few divorces over the years that have seemed like they would never end.

Check out some of the longest celebrity divorces ever below.

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