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Dwayne Johnson, Harry Styles, Ben Affleck, & More Famous Men Who Are All Over Six Feet Tall

While many of Hollywood’s elite leading men are on the shorter side, those who are well over six feet tall may surprise you. Since we mainly see these stars on screen, it’s easy for whoever’s holding the camera to make someone seem taller or shorter than they really are — and we never would have guessed that some of these famous men are as tall as they are.

Truthfully, we don’t understand the obsession with men over six feet tall, no matter how much Tinder bios and The Bachelor may try to convince us of its importance. But it is interesting to see which Hollywood men would tower over us — and to find out whether they also tower over their gorgeous partners (some of whom are a foot or more shorter), or whether they married someone closer to their same height.

While we’ve heard some actors like to wear lifts in their shoes, the men on this list don’t even think about it — and are more likely to be ducking down to fit through doorways. From Ben Affleck to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, there’s no shortage of six-foot-plus celebrity men — read on for who makes the cut.

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