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These Royal Family Christmas Cards Over the Years Are Absolutely Magical — See Baby Harry, Diana, & More


Throughout the decades, it seems like there has been one enduring holiday tradition. No, we’re not talking about that specific recipe you whip out every year that’s been passed down from your great-great-grandmother. (Although, let’s be honest, that’s just as cool and likely just as important as the specific tradition we’re referring to.) We’re talking about holiday and Christmas cards. From funny, quirky photos that summarize the year we’ve had — and we’ve had a year — to sweet and sentimental ones that announce a new arrival or commemorate a major life milestone.

Holiday and Christmas cards have been a beloved note to get in the mail for years, and so many people around the world send them, including the British royal family. Yes, for decades the House of Windsor have donned their smiles and their best ‘fits for the perfect photo to send all those on their mailing list. Though why we’ve never been included is beyond us.

But every year, whether we find the holiday card in our mail slot or not, the royal family often shares their latest photos on social media, and we get to see just how much they youngest members of the royal family have grown! Take the ‘80s as a prime example. Throughout the decade, Prince Charles and Princess Diana posed with sons Prince William and Prince Harry. The images ranged from candid to posed, but there was so much cuteness everywhere in between. Don’t believe us? Check out the collection of royal family Christmas cards we’ve put together!

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