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14 Celebrity Men Who Are Always Gushing About Their Wives

Our fascination with celebrity relationships is nothing — but one particular breed of famous man in the spotlight is. Let’s call him the celebrity “wife guy,” a term widely brought to use in 2019 and defined in that same year by the New York Times as “a man who has risen to prominence online by posting content about his wife,” citing ‘Curvy Wife Guy’ Robbie Tripp as a prime example. The celebrity wife guy is a little different — they’re already prominent men, so they don’t exactly have to make a career out of fawning over their wives on the internet. But fawn they do: men like John Legend, Prince Harry, Alexis Ohanion, and Ryan Reynolds can barely make it through a public appearance without gushing over their wives in one form or another, and we love them for it. We also love the trend it represents.

One need only watch old episodes of Real Housewives to remember how recent it is that men weren’t exactly secure enough in their masculinity to openly gush over their wives’ abilities — especially when those abilities included things like building thriving careers outside the home, and even out-earning their partners. These men speaking up about how their ambitious, wildly successful wives impress and fulfill them every day represent a growing cultural acceptance that’s long overdue, and we tip our husbands leading the charge.

Read on for our favorite Hollywood “wife guys,” from George “I couldn’t be more proud to be your husband” Clooney to Ryan “there’s nothing else I’m looking for” Gosling and beyond.

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