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The Top 20 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings of All Time

When people hear those wedding bells with their favorite celebrity couples, it’s natural to want to know every detail. What stars are going to attend the wedding? Where and when is it going to happen? And most of all, what does that beautiful engagement ring look like? It’s no secret that weddings are a huge expense. And some celebrities spare none when it comes just to the ring alone.

From different cuts to double-digit carat sizes, the rings on this list of most expensive engagement rings of all time tell us one thing for sure: celebrities have amazing taste, especially when it comes to their jewelry. According to a 2021 report from Wedding Wire, U.S. couples spent an average of $5,500 on an engagement ring — but there’s nothing “average” about the seven-figure price tags on some of these celebrities’ rings.

To give you a sense of the framing we’re working in, the least expensive rings on this list clock in at $1 million — including Kourtney Kardashian’s recent ring from Travis Barker, which Andrew Brown, CEO of WP Diamonds, estimates cost about exactly $1 million.

There’s so much history in these high-value engagement rings: Along with the hefty price tag, some of these rings have beautiful meanings behind them, and other rings have found a new home since they first lived on a certain celebrity’s finger, in wake of high-profile splits like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

From Old-Hollywood starlets to early 2000s icons, check out the stars whose engagement rings cost the most, from $1 million all the way to over $8 million.

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