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27 Barack & Michelle Obama Public Appearances That Were #MarriageGoals

Over the course of their eight years at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we really got to see a totally different side of the Obama family. Namely, we saw how former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama made their marriage work during their time in the White House. From those years, and even during the 2007 campaign trail, the couple showed us why they are basically #RelationshipGoals.

The Obamas aren’t particularly averse to showing the world how much they love each other. Whether it was a cute little fist bump at a campaign rally, a kiss on the cheek after a rousing speech, or seeing the two bond over their shared passions, we definitely got to see a lot of the Obamas showing off their love during public appearances at the White House and beyond.

It’s not just those cute, intimate moments that we get to see, though. We’ve always loved how honest the couple has been about their marriage, and the work they both put in to prioritize their relationship. “We came through the struggle together, which makes our foundation even more solid than it was,” Michelle Obama said in a March 2021 interview with People. “I am happy to say that I can now look up from all of that and look over across the room and I still see my friend.”

We’ve always thought that, amongst first couples, there was never a love story quite like that of Barack and Michelle Obama — who are celebrating their wedding anniversary this week too! Take a look at some of their sweetest moments during public events together through the years.

A version of this article was originally published in Oct 2021. 

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