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16 Movies & TV Shows That Feature Strong Women of Color in the Lead

Pooja Shah

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When I was younger, I looked forward to Saturday mornings that consisted of bowls of Lucky Charms, fuzzy socks, and a marathon of Xena the Warrior Princess with my older cousin. We were especially mesmerized by how Xena was a fearless leader who travelled around fighting evil with the help of her partner-in-crime Gabrielle. As my cousin and I got older, though we still loved the series, we realized that there was a lack of female leaders who shared our skin tones that we could admire and learn from.

Strong women, especially women of color, are integral to society. TV shows and movies have been making more of a concerted effort to showcase their talents and skills on mainstream media (about time!) Here is a round-up of must-see shows and films that highlight strong women of color who continue to develop, change, and shake up preconceived notions of a woman’s place in society.

A version of this article was previously published in August 2021.

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