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16 Photos of Bill Clinton & Hillary Clinton’s Family of Three Over the Years

When we’re looking back at photos of significant first families, we’re looking back at significant moments in history. There are the election night nerves captured on each family member’s face, the joy and pride of Inauguration Day, and the quiet, intimate moments during travels and more. Bearing all of this in mind, it’s hard to believe that the ‘90s were more than 20 years ago now — some of us still feel like they were yesterday. And what better way to look back on that decade than with some of the best family photos from the occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. during that time: the Clintons.

Former President Bill Clinton served two terms between 1993-2001. During that time, America watched the first family come into their own with young daughter Chelsea Clinton growing up right before our eyes. From the time that the Clintons entered the political arena, they were surely an intimidating couple. Both Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton were accomplished individuals prior to their marriage, and their daughter Chelsea has really grown into her own career and work in philanthropy and more.

During their time in the White House and even on the campaign trail, the Clintons showed that they were a unified family. From travels overseas to time spent together, even small moments that they were able to share together while the world was watching. With all that said, let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the best family photos of the Clintons!

A version of this story was originally published in 2021. 

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