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Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas Are Bidding Adieu to Their $21.5M Swanky Manhattan Mansion

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have always had a thing for real estate — fancy homes in Bermuda, Majorca and upstate New York. The couple’s home base has always been New York City, but it looks like they are ready to say goodbye to the four-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bath home (with full staff quarters) that they’ve called home for $21.5 million.

Let’s get real about the Kennilworth building — it’s historic having been constructed in 1908. The Oscar-winning actors bought up two units to take over the entire ninth floor — that’s called high-style living in the Big Apple. Since it is a co-op building, that means residents’ fees are hitting a whopping $21,000 per month, according to Dirt. That does get you a rooftop deck, shared by all of the owners in the dwelling and two storage rooms in the basement — but honestly, that is a hefty sum for maintenance and landscaping.

The duo raised their two kids here, son Dylan, 20, and daughter Carys, 18, but with their youngest now about to fly the coop to go to college, it was probably time to downsize in Manhattan. No matter where they land next, we are sure it’s going to be spectacular because judging from the interior of this place (the views alone are worth at least a million dollars), they like to keep it fancy.

Don’t miss this sneak peek into Zeta-Jones and Douglas’ beautiful residence, and be sure to check out more photos at Dirt.

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