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14 Singers Who Also Moonlight as Actors

You don’t get famous — really famous — without being multi-talented, and our favorite A-list celebrities have lots of tricks in their bags. There are plenty of actors who have proven they’ve also got serious pipes (looking at you, Nicole Kidman and Kristen Bell!), but what about the superstar singers who dream of seeing their name in the opening credits of a movie or a TV show — and maybe even (gasp) getting nominated for or winning an Emmy, an Oscar, or a Golden Globe award for acting?

Many have tried. Not so many have succeeded — and that makes the list below of talented singers who also moonlight as actors all the more exciting. Check out some serious crossover success stories like Lady Gaga (who nabbed a Critics Choice award for Best Actress in 2019 for her performance in A Star is Born), Mandy Moore, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Styles… and keep your eyes and ears peeled for who will be next to make the singer/screen star leap.

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