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These Celebrities Have All Opened Up About Their Open Relationships

The times, they are a-changin’! While the concept of non-monogamy has been around as long as there have been relationships, only in recent years have non-monogamous relationships begun to come into the mainstream — which means that people are finally bringing these much-needed conversations about how to have ethicall non-monogamous relationships out into the open. Celebrities have been a huge part of that push toward normalizing open relationships, with stars like Angelina Jolie and Dolly Parton publicly declaring that they don’t believe total fidelity is necessary toward making a relationship work. And while it wasn’t exactly her plan, Jada Pinkett Smith brought open relationships back to the forefront of our minds this year once again, as we revisited statements both she and husband Will Smith have made about open relationships in light of Jada’s entanglement with August Alsina. As Will and Jada celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary today, those in open relationships don’t have just anybody representing their perspective in Hollywood — they’ve got one of the longest-lasting celebrity marriages out there.

When celebrities talk about their experience of being in an open relationship or why they prefer it, you hear the same thing over and over. The difference between a non-monogamous relationship and plain old cheating is being honest with your partner about your desires and working toward a solution that incorporates their needs. And the freedom, as a result, is being in a relationship where you have your partner’s total trust.

Everyone’s relationship is different, and these celebrities can’t speak to everyone’s experience. But the more voices we hear about polygamous relationships, the less stigma there is overall — and who knows? One day, you may be curious how this works too.

Read on for all the celebrities who have opened up about open relationships.

A version of this article was previously published in December 2020.

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