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These Celebrity Couples Were All Married to Other People When They Met

Sometimes, true love just strikes like a bolt of lightning, changing everything you thought you once knew — including how you feel about the person to whom you’re actually married. It’s no one’s ideal story, given the requisite amount of heartbreak involved, but it happens nonetheless, like Megan Fox’s earth-shattering connection with Machine Gun Kelly in early 2020.  “I looked into his eyes…My heart shattered immediately and I just knew that I was f**ked,” Fox said of now-boyfriend Kelly entering her life. She separated from husband Brian Austin Green shortly thereafter. And this is hardly the first Hollywood romance to run into this issue. In fact, a surprising number of our favorite celebrity couples first met each other when they were married to other people.

To be extra extra clear, just because these couples met while married doesn’t mean they did anything while married — at least, other than the ones who have publicly admitted it. But others on this list, like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds or Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, didn’t date for a long time after their first meeting, and only realized a romantic element to their relationship after they were no longer married.

Either way, it’s funny to think how a single person can change your life, or to look back on a first meeting and realize you had no idea of the significance it first held. When these celebrity couples first met each other, they had no idea that they’d someday be together — or, that they’d someday be divorced.
Read on for all the celeb pairs who were married when they met.

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