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20 Celebrity Exes Who Never Buried the Hatchet


Breakups are almost always brutal. And while some exes might promise to be friends forever, others are equally serious about never setting eyes on each other again, period. It’s no surprise that these breakups tend to come with nastier circumstances — infidelity, lawsuits, and more have all caused their fair share of nasty splits, and Hollywood is definitely no exception. With Kelly Clarkson’s ongoing divorce from Brandon Blackstock escalating into financial demands and claims of fraud, our minds went to some of the other most famous scorched-earth breakups of all time — like Halle Berry and Eric Benét’s cheating scandal, or Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb’s extended legal battle over two frozen embryos.

What do all these breakups have in common? To this day, you won’t find these exes with much nice to say about each other, if they’ll mention each other at all. Hollywood can be a small town, but these exes will avoid their former flames like it’s written into their contracts, and the more we hear about each of these splits, the more we can’t blame them. For every person who’s still close with an ex, there’s someone else who has long since blocked their ex’s number, and usually with good reason. Sometimes, it is better to just let sleeping dogs lie — especially if those dogs were sleeping around for the entirety of your marriage.

Read on for all the celebrity exes who have never buried the hatchet — not for the cameras, not for the closure, and not for anything.

A version of this article was previously published in December 2020.

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