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14 Celebrity Family Feuds We Can’t Believe Played Out in Public

For all the perks that come with being a celebrity, there’s no denying that it’s known to cause some friction with your nearest and dearest — AKA your perhaps not-quite-as-famous family. Where there’s money, power, and influence, there’s bound to be drama, and celebrity families like the Trumps, Jacksons, and even the British royal family have all fallen prey to in-fighting from time to time. The nature of these feuds varies wildly, be it a one-time thrashing in an elevator or years of targeted attacks through, say, publishing a series of pointed tell-alls (a well-worn practice when fighting with famous loved ones).

While the line between perennially feuding and estranged can be variable too, the feuds that loom the largest in our imagination are those within families who simply don’t consider estrangement an option, it seems, like Kyle and Kim Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Kourtney and Kim Kardashian. Prince Harry and Prince William are by all accounts feuding to this day, but the idea of their becoming properly estranged still seems in a distant (dystopian) future. So, what’s the line between always fighting and just plain not friends?

For these families, the difference is the fighting itself (sometimes physical) that’s played out in the public eye. However these families go on to resolve or not resolve the aftermath of these issues, there are some famous fights the public just won’t ever forget.

Read on for the family feuds that we can’t believe actually happened.

A version of this story was originally published in November 2020. 

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