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Melania Trump Quotes That Prove She’s a Lot Like Donald Trump

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, First Lady Melania Trump has been MIA. Melania had said she didn’t want to move into the White House straight away because she didn’t want to interrupt their son Barron’s school year. But fresh off the “grab them by the p****” Access Hollywood tape spelling out details of an affair her husband had, well, according to The Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan who writes in her book The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump, Melania needed to “cool off” and “amend her financial arrangement with Trump — what Melania referred to as ‘taking care of Barron'”.

This massaging of the truth shows us that she’s been crafting her own narrative and positioning herself in a way that serves her best interests from the very beginning. And despite Melania’s efforts at distancing herself from her husband, she hasn’t been too successful. In other circumstances, when you don’t want to be with the person you’re married to, well, you get a divorce — but when you’re the wife of a sitting President who is running for re-election, it’s more complicated.

And what’s so interesting, is that as we see the evolution of Melania, we start to see how similar she and her husband really are. It is probably what attracted them to each other when they first met 20 years ago. Scientists have proven that couples, after many years, start looking alike, and well, there might also be proof that after a long period of time, couples start acting like each other. But, in the case of Donald Trump and Melania, we don’t need a scientist to explain away but rather, we can just look at what they’ve said. 

Here are their words (not ours) proving just how similar Melania and Donald’s views really are.

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