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6 Insane Conspiracy Theories Meghan Markle Has Faced Since Becoming a Royal

Meghan Markle’s brief time as a member of the British Royal Family will go down in history for the many upheavals of tradition it set into motion, not least her decision to raise son and future Prince Archie far from the walls of Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately, this era of the royal family will also be remembered for the intense, vitriolic reaction the public had to Meghan becoming a Duchess. Throughout her time at Prince Harry’s side, Meghan was plagued not only by the standard murmurs of royal etiquette gone wrong, but by more wild and persistent conspiracy theories than lobbed at any other UK royal in recent memory — and yeah, we’re looking at the craziest ones right now.

From second-guessing Archie’s birth date to accusing Meghan of a decades-long ploy to snag Harry, a small corner of the internet has been working overtime since the Suits star’s name was ever linked with the Firm. It should go without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that we are in no way suggesting these theories are true. But taking a look at which rumors have stuck with Meghan the longest paints a revealing picture of why they’re trying to take her down.

Meghan’s fairy-tale story of meeting Harry on a blind date, joining the royal family, and having Archie strikes some Meghan Markle critics as an impossibility in and of itself. They’re determined to find an explanation for how this could have happened beyond her natural charm and plain good luck — but often, the simplest explanation is the best one.

Here are the craziest conspiracy theories that dogged Meghan Markle throughout her time as a royal, from jabs at her Instagram to hints at her political motives. With theories like these, who needs TV?

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