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18 Disney Live-Action Movies Perfect for a Family Movie Night

We’ll be the first to admit that when rumors initially broke that Disney had an entire slate of live-action remakes planned, we were skeptical. On the one hand, who doesn’t need a little more Disney in their life (especially right now)? But, on the other hand, why mess with classics? But then the live-action reboots started rolling in and, not surprisingly, Disney won us over. Now, we get to share favorite stories from our own childhood with our kids in a fun, modern way. And that’s precisely why these movies make the perfect picks for family movie night

Of course, not all live-action Disney movies are brand-new. Although a large majority have been made in the last decade, the studio tested the live-action waters a few times in the ‘90s, too. We’d also be remiss not to point out that this list is constantly evolving. From The Little Mermaid to 101 Dalmatians (we’re already counting down the day until Emma Stone’s Cruella!), Disney has even more live-action magic in the works for the near future. And with Disney+ rapidly becoming a powerhouse streaming service, it seems inevitable that the remakes will keep rolling in. 

For now, though, let’s focus on what we’ve got. Just consider this your go-to guide for planning your next family movie night. You grab the popcorn; we’ll suggest the flicks!

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