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24 Celebrity Moms Who’ve Opened Up About Their Plastic Surgery


By now, it’s basically common knowledge that many celebrities go under the knife and needle. But while having work done isn’t necessarily a rarity anymore, talking about it somehow still remains fairly taboo. However, several celebrity moms who’ve had plastic surgery have addressed their decision in recent years — and, in the process, are helping to break down the stigma surrounding cosmetic procedures. Because, really, what someone decides to do with their body is their choice, right? 

Not to mention, women shouldn’t feel ashamed about embracing their personal agency, especially when it helps empower and uplift them. What’s so wonderful about these celebrity moms telling their plastic surgery stories is that they highlight the realities of choosing to alter your body in this way (both positive and the negative outcomes), which will help other women make their own informed decisions. Chrissy Teigen has been candid about her decision to have her breast implants removed. Jessica Simpson speaks frankly in her memoir about going for a tummy tuck after having three children because her stretch marks and loose skin made her feel self-conscious. Heidi Montag has cautioned fans against having 10 procedures in one day like she did. 

It all comes down to choice and, in that sense, we’re partial to Cardi B’s take on the topic: “Listen, I do whatever the f*** I want to do with my body.” Speak on it, Mama! So, whether you’re considering having a little nip and tuck or you’re just curious, keep reading to discover which Hollywood moms have copped to having work done.

A version of this article was previously published in July 2020.

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