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These Celebrity Sons Look Just Like Their Fathers

Like father, like son — and when it comes to some of these Hollywood dads, we mean that really, really literally. As we watch our favorite celebs’ kids grow into teens and young adults, there’s no denying that their ultra-photogenic parents have passed on their good looks, from sparkling blue eyes to strong jawlines and cheeky grins. In fact, these celebrity sons look so much like their famous dads, we find ourselves doing double-takes on the regular — is that a young Mark Consuelos, or his son Mark? And hey, we didn’t know Rob Lowe had a twin — oh wait, that’s his son Matthew.

This Father’s Day, we’re not just celebrating these handsome mini-me’s. We’re celebrating how close these celeb dads all are with their lookalike sons — after all, if they weren’t hanging out with their sons, posting photos, and taking them to red carpet events, we would have no idea that their kids take after them so much. And while it’s always sweet to see your own traits represented on your kid’s face, you really want them to take after you when it comes to being a good dad, prioritizing your family, and showing up for what matters. And these celebrity dads are modeling just that for their growing sons.

So, which famous fathers out there have a doppelgänger son just waiting to be discovered? Ryan Phillippe, Clint Eastwood, and so many more celebrity dads you never would have guessed have sons who look just like them. Let’s take a look.

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