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Top 10 Least Popular Men of The Bachelor, Ranked

If you ask any member of Bachelor Nation who their least favorite Bachelor is, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll have a strong opinion. For all the franchise lacks in authenticity (not to mention diversity), it’s never failed to spark controversy among its fans, season after season. Viewers will divide into two camps; for example, the 24th season of The Bachelor divided fans into those who thought Peter Weber might be the franchise’s worst yet, and those who enjoyed his whiplash-inducing journey (no, I was not #TeamPeter). For every beloved Bachelor alum like Ben Higgins, there’s one who sparked more anger than affection, like Juan Pablo Galavis. But as we begin Clayton Echard’s coolly-anticipated journey, who really got the most attention from viewers? Using SEMRush data from 2020, we got a clear look at the top ten least popular Bachelor men of all time, ranked.

Per this data, most popular refers to Bachelors who have been searched the most, while least popular refers to Bachelors who have been searched the least. Basically, the least popular Bachelors are those fans didn’t really care to find out more about, likely because their season didn’t make much of an impression. Most of the “least popular” Bachelors on this list are those who broke with tradition in a way that indicated they didn’t take the process particularly seriously, or who simply weren’t meant for reality TV.

While Chris Harrison will determinedly call each season of The Bachelor the most dramatic season ever, let’s see what fans really thought of the show’s 24 leads. These are the top ten least popular Bachelor men, ranked from least to most popular.

A version of this story was originally published in 2020. 

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