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All of George Clooney’s Hottest Onscreen Love & Sex Scenes

Although not an officially recognized national holiday, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating today. Why? Because 59 years ago on May 6, something that altered the course of human history happened: George Clooney was born. You may think we’re being a bit hyperbolic and, okay, we probably are. But, c’mon — when was the last time you revisited Clooney’s best love (and sex) scenes? At the very least, his steamy onscreen presence has defined generations of thirst. 

Clooney’s steamiest on-camera moments go to show that, for some people, age really is a construct. He’s the definition of timeless. When he goes for it during an intimate scene, well, talent clearly isn’t the only thing getting turned on. It’s the same whether you’re 30, 70, or somewhere in between. Passing decades don’t change the fact that Clooney is classic fantasy fuel; such has been the case since his early days on camera. We can trace the date back to 1994 when a dashing young doctor named Doug Ross walked into Chicago’s County General Hospital. That was it! The world was hooked. 

Nevermind that Dr. Ross was a fictional character on the hit series ER. An obsession was born. As the actor behind the hunky pediatric ER doc snagged more roles, he shifted away from Dr. Ross or “that hot ER guy” into a household name. Today, Clooney remains a star with serious smolder — someone who, in a scene mere seconds long, can make audiences feel weak in the knees. 

So, let Clooney’s following intimate onscreen moments serve as a reminder of the timelessness of his body… of work.

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