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18 Patriotic Movies About America Perfect for the Fourth of July

Gathering to watch a grand fireworks display, backyard BBQs, sparklers: Yep, we’re talking about the Fourth of July. It’s always been an exciting holiday filled with great food, outdoor events and plenty of hot dogs. But when all is said and done, unwinding with a patriotic movie is the perfect way to close out the day.

It’s also a fantastic way to spend the day: holed up in your cool home, munching on a bag of popcorn, watching a movie marathon and not baking under the hot sun. Hey, we feel you; we’d do that, too. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll likely need a refresher on the best patriotic movies to pick — and we have you covered.

Here are 18 of the very best Independence Day movies lined up for you to enjoy, so you can feel patriotic even after you’ve shut all your windows to keep the noise of the fireworks out.

A version of this article was originally published in June 2015.

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