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An Ode to Amy Poehler’s Cool Mom, the Unsung Hero of Mean Girls

As we celebrate the 16th anniversary of iconic teen movie Mean GirlsI would be remiss if I didn’t pay my respects to the true unsung hero of this hit: Cool Mom Amy Poehler. As the proud mother of HBIC Mean Girl Regina George, Poehler’s Cool Mom (also known as Mrs. June George) loves pink Juicy sweatsuits, breast implants, her Chihuahua, and — above all else — her children. Sure, she may have let her younger daughter watch some ill-advised dance content or let herself be steamrolled by Regina from time to time (like agreeing to switch bedrooms), but who among us can say we’ve parented without a false step? I’m here to set the record straight on the Cool Mom, because guess what? We’ve all got a little Cool Mom in us.

Let’s look at the facts, plain and simple. The Cool Mom dotes on her daughters endlessly, prepares adorable virgin cocktails for a weekday happy hour, and manages to give sound advice on responsible drinking and safe sex without coming off as preachy. She makes sure to get to know her daughter’s friends, and even knows the steps to their dance routine. Make fun all you want! But that right there is dedication.

In the end, the Cool Mom’s biggest crime is wanting to be one of the girls. But if you’ve ever had a teen daughter, you have to know how seductive that is. The idea that your teen might actually listen to you, and find your opinions relevant? Hey, if putting on a Juicy tracksuit accomplished that, they’d be sold out by the end of this sentence.

It’s easy to make fun of the Cool Mom for acting like a teen when she isn’t one — but don’t fall into that trap. She looks great, feels great, and is doing her best like the rest of us. Keep killing it, Cool Mom — we have a lot to learn from you.

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