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All Channing Tatum’s Sexiest Moments to Fuel Your Fantasies

On April 26, 1980, in a small town called Cullman, Alabama, something took place the world over would one day thank the higher powers for letting happen. That celebratory event? The birth of Channing Tatum, who would eventually go on to become one of Hollywood’s sexiest stars. 

And, let’s be real, Tatum’s path to fame is the story that has launched roughly one zillion fantasies. He grew up in sleepy towns in the South before settling in Florida. He labored under the blistering sun as a roofer before ditching that gig for another decidedly sultrier one — becoming a stripper. The dancing led to an audition for a music video, which he landed (Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs”). 

Not surprisingly, he caught some eyes, which led to modeling and, ultimately, his acting career. Ever since then, well, he’s effectively been making us swoon. From his unforgettable semi-autobiographical roles in the Magic Mike movies (did it just get hotter in here?!) to romantic comedies like The Vow, Tatum always makes us want to fall in love. Or bed. Whatevs. 

It certainly doesn’t hurt matters that his offscreen antics basically prove he’s got both looks and heart. He’s not afraid to be silly on social media. He signs autographs for fans. And our personal favorite, he has the most beautiful bond with his and ex-wife Jenna Dewan’s daughter, Everly.

So, while these photos admittedly objectify him a little bit (sorry, Chan!), we prefer to think of it as a thank you letter for being our main source of fantasy fuel all these years. So, in honor of Tatum’s 41st birthday, we’re giving ourselves a little present…  

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