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Famous Fathers Who Had Kids After 60

It’s said that wisdom comes with age and, if that’s true, there are some celebrities bringing a whole lot of knowledge to the parenting game. While there’s no “perfect” age to have kids, Hollywood’s older dads club goes to show that it’s never really too late.

Sure, the average age a man becomes a dad is between 27 and 30. However, we all know that Hollywood tends to write its own rules. Besides, who says age has to be a limitation? We loved that these aged A-listers are embracing life in its purest form (babies!) into their 60s and beyond. We say kudos to them for keeping up! Parenting is hard and exhausting and wonderful and weird no matter how young or old you are. Maybe having children when you’re older gives the invaluable benefit of perspective that only comes from experience.

If nothing else, you probably know how to pick your battles a lot better once you’ve reached your 60s — and let’s be real, picking your battles is a key component of parenting. Plus, some of these stars already successfully raised earlier rounds of kids to adulthood, so they know the ins and outs. Just look at Mick Jagger, who had seven kids prior to welcoming a baby boy in 2016 at the age of 73.

So, hat’s off to you, guys. The business of babies isn’t for the faint of heart. We salute the fact that you’re still out there doing your daddy thing. Here, we’ve rounded up some of these proud (senior) papas.

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