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Inside Chrissy Teigen & John Legend’s Eco-Chic $5.1 Million West Hollywood Home

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have figured out one surefire way to beat quarantine boredom — buying gorgeous new real estate! Just a few weeks after locking down an $8 million Manhattan penthouse (next to their existing $9 million penthouse), the couple made moves on a $5.1 million home in West Hollywood. Since this home isn’t quite as grand as their $14.1 million home in Beverly Hills, outlets are speculating that they plan to use the property as a studio for Legend or a cooking show set for Teigen. With four bedrooms, a pool, and floating gardens, this is the nicest not-home we’ve ever seen.

Teigen and Legend’s new property clocks in at 3,440 square feet of living space, including four bedrooms, four baths, a huge kitchen, and ample lounging and dining areas. Purchased from Benjamin Illulian of Illulian Realty, this was the highest residential sale ever made in West Hollywood — though of course, we’re still not sure whether they plan on using it as a full-time residence.

In addition to the square footage inside, there’s ample outdoor space, including a pool, lawn, multiple covered dining areas, and a private upstairs balcony and a covered dining patio below. and while the amenities are certainly luxurious, what we like best about this home is the overall style, described as “organic modern.” The home’s exterior is constructed of wood and glass, and the interior features hardwood floors, natural light, and floating upstairs gardens with built-in irrigation.

We’re very curious what the family plans to do with this house (maybe it’s a starter home for young Luna down the road?), but all we can say is we’d be happy to own this home for any reason. Here’s a closer look inside their eco-chic new home.


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