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Meet the Cast of Listen to Your Heart — Everything You Need to Know

Are you a Bachelor fan who also happens to love American Idol? If so, ABC’s new show The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart is tailor-made for you, combining all the relationship drama of the Bachelor mansion with musicians equally desperate for a shot at stardom.

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Last time The Bachelorette featured a musician (ahem, Jed Wyatt), it didn’t end so well — Bachelorette Hannah Brown accepted his proposal only to find out he’d joined the show to further his music career, and had a girlfriend back home. But on Listen to Your Heart, Wyatt would have been a perfect fit. These 20 contestants have come to find artistic fame and everlasting love, and Chris Harrison’s here to guide their path.

Here’s how the show works. Every week, the contestants will go on dates with potential partners (they get to choose who, like on Bachelor in Paradise) and try to match up with their perfect duet partner. There will be regular rose ceremonies, and whoever doesn’t have a partner will be sent home. We can already tell it will be a battle to see who’s only there to make a name for themselves and who might be interested in a genuine connection — just like on The Bachelor.

All of Bachelor Nation has been eager for Listen to Your Heart to get started, especially since the filming of The Bachelorette has been postponed indefinitely due to coronavirus. On Mondays at 8 p.m., we expect to be lulled by Chris Harrison’s soothing tones while drinking a tiny bit too much wine, and we’ve been cut off from that tradition for too long. Finally, we’re back in the game.

Here are the contestants you’ll be getting to know this season — let’s take a look.


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