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All the Stars Who Have Cut & Colored Their Hair at Home

Warning: If you’re feeling vulnerable to, say, giving yourself bangs right now, we can’t recommend you read any further. These are dangerous times.

It’s a phase we knew we’d eventually reach in quarantine, but who could have predicted it would come so soon? While public life has ground to a halt, life goes on — and hair keeps growing. As regularly scheduled trims and root touch-ups pass us by, everyone from Pink and Carey Hart to Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are reaching for the scissors and box dye, trading in their expensive salon cuts for goofier, more low-maintenance ‘dos. Stars, they’re just like us! Going nuts at home and making some questionable (and wine-fueled) hairstyle choices. We love to see it.

While some celebs are getting scissor-happy, others are just trying to maintain their pre-quarantine look — and Shelton is throwing it all the way back to his pre-pre-quarantine coif of choice, the mullet. Perhaps feeling nostalgic for simpler times, Shelton had Stefani help him kick off his hair journey into the past. We’re just hoping she doesn’t join him on this.

Whether you’ve been busting out the clippers at home or you can’t remember the last time you washed your hair, it’s always interesting to see how people turn to (or away from) self-care in times of stress. Sometimes, changing up your look is the boost you need to feel a little creativity, confidence, or excitement. Sometimes, the idea of taking any time at all with your appearance feels pointless. Both options are fine right now — great even! We’re all doing what we can.

Here are all the celebs who have cut or colored their hair at home since the quarantine began, with mixed results. Whether or not your own home salon is open for business, these are worth a look.

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