14 Exclusive photos from the #RichKids Bahamas trip

by Dorothy Wang
Jun 1, 2015 at 5:56 p.m. ET

The Bahamas may have been filled with drama for E!'s #RichKids of Beverly Hills, but luckily, it was also a lot of fun. Check out Dorothy Wang's exclusive pictures from the trip. 

1 /13: Travel in style

1/13 :Travel in style

Dorothy Wang traveled by caravan in the Bahamas.

2 /13: Sandy white beaches

2/13 :Sandy white beaches

Dorothy Wang looked stylish at all times during the trip. 

3 /13: Cowabunga!

3/13 :Cowabunga!

Dorothy Wang didn't worry about her hair getting wet on her tropical vacation; she jumped right in!

4 /13: And now they're BFFs

4/13 :And now they're BFFs

Since vacationing in the Bahamas, Dorothy feels like she's closer to Morgan than ever before, saying, "It truly started from having that very open and honest conversation with each other."


5 /13: Photo fun

5/13 :Photo fun

This must be one of those "successful Instagram photos" Dorothy was talking about! Looks fun to us. 

6 /13: Island treasures

6/13 :Island treasures

It's a shell, it's a coconut, it's a... sandwich on the beach?

7 /13: All aboard!

7/13 :All aboard!

Yes, it's true, someone let Dorothy drive the boat!

8 /13: Hot tubbin'

8/13 :Hot tubbin'

After the drama was resolved, Dorothy says the Bahamas was "all fun, fun, fun! We hung out in the cabanas, went down the slides, frolicked in the ocean and took a lot of successful Instagram photos." Oh, and they hung out in sweet hot tubs, too. 


9 /13: Poolside

9/13 :Poolside

You can't have a Bahamas vacation without hanging out by a fancy pool.

10 /13: The gang's all here

10/13 :The gang's all here

"We all ended up having so much fun, and I think it actually turned into our best trip yet," said Dorothy Wang.


11 /13: These are the #RichKids

11/13 :These are the #RichKids

Dorothy dreaded going to the Bahamas, but in the end she said "even if we have problems that aren't fully resolved, we can put them aside and enjoy the good parts of one another."


12 /13: One big happy family

12/13 :One big happy family

All the #RichKids certainly look like they enjoyed spending time with one another.

13 /13: That's a wrap!

13/13 :That's a wrap!

"I love experiencing other cultures," said Dorothy. Overall, we'd say it looks like the #RichKids had a pretty good vacation.