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Every Celebrity Couple Who Postponed Their Wedding Due to Coronavirus

Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, and other celebrities have decided to put their wedding on hold until after the coronavirus pandemic — with so many states putting into effect stay-at-home orders it makes sense that these stars would want to wait until they could truly celebrate with family and friends, face-touching and all. For many couples, this meant calling off a day they’d planned for months (and dreamed of for years). But when it comes to our public health and safety, these celebs are doing the right thing.

With the timeline of the COVID-19 pandemic still unclear, more and more couples are having to reconsider their planned weddings. First, the spring was off-limits, and now, it looks like summer may be too. While painful to think about, these stars publicly announcing that they’re postponing their ceremonies sends such a strong message to their fans about the importance of following social distancing regulations and putting the greater good ahead of personal needs.

And while the weddings themselves may be on hold, celebs may find this period of quarantine the perfect time to dream up an even better celebration for a later date. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, who are now postponing their upcoming wedding as well, have said that they’re eager to make the most of their extra time in lockdown — and if designing elaborate Pinterest boards for a future wedding isn’t making the most of it, we don’t know what is.

Here are all the celebrities who postponed their weddings due to coronavirus — and can we just say, the wedding lineup for 2021 is going to be something else.

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