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The Best Educational TV Shows to Watch with Your Kiddos While Social Distancing

Between unprecedented school closures and social distancing, the coronavirus means many of us have had to adjust our daily agenda — especially where our kids are concerned. And, well, for a lot of us, that includes trying to fill in educational gaps until our little ones can get back to class (we love you, teachers!). But with so much out there to watch, it can feel a bit overwhelming trying to figure out the best educational TV shows for kids. And let’s be real, we also need ones that will actually keep our kids entertained enough to stay tuned in. So, we decided to round up a few favorites to help out during this prolonged downtime.

If you’re worried about the uptick in screen time, give yourself some grace, Mama. These are trying times, and many of us are trying to juggle working from home with keeping our stir-crazy kids from ping-ponging off the walls. Letting them watch a little more TV right now isn’t just understandable, it’s totally acceptable. Just make sure you’re rounding out your days with other non-screen-related educational activities, and you (and your kiddos) will be just fine.

Besides, we’re fortunate to parent during a time filled with some seriously impressive programming — including plenty that won’t melt your kid’s brain. Here are some of the best educational TV shows for kids to watch while we all wait out our self-isolation.


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