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Just Pictures of Celebs Holding Really Adorable Puppies

Think about it: Kate Middleton holding a puppy. Mandy Moore holding a puppy. Britney Spears holding a puppy. Are you feeling happy yet? Is a smile creeping its way onto your face against your will? We promise that looking at these photos is an effective mood-boosting technique. Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, these photos will win you over.

There are Beagle puppies and Golden Retriever puppies, big puppies, and little puppies, puppies that are actually dogs but think they’re puppies…the list goes on. Sometimes these celebs are holding a puppy on the red carpet, and sometimes they’re taking their pooch for a walk. Sometimes they’re holding a puppy-like they’ve never seen one before (looking at you, Ben Affleck circa 2015), and sometimes the puppy is trying to wriggle out of their arms.

We’ll admit it: Not all of these shots are 100% candid (AKA not celebs holding their own puppies). But does that really make a difference? Jennifer Aniston cuddling a little golden retriever pup brings us joy— whether or not it’s from the set of Marley & Me (which, FYI, is required viewing for all dog lovers anyway).

If you need a morning boost or a quick afternoon pick-me-up look through these photos of celebrities holding puppies and try not to feel happy — we dare you.

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